Grid-connected Systems

An on-grid or grid-tied solar system is a system that works along with the national grid. They are widely used by residential homes, commercial and industrial facility owners. They help in significantly cutting down electricity bills by providing enough power to cover the necessary loads. A grid-connected system can be zero export, or any excess power can be fed back to the grid.

Check out this Residential Project in our project portfolio for reference


Off-Grid Diesel Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems combine more than one solution with solar energy to best serve the consumers need. They are mainly a combination of two energy sources such as Solar-Diesel hybrid systems. Such systems are best deployed in large facilities in remote locations with no connection to the grid and large electrical consumption.

Check out this diesel hybrid project in our project portfolio for reference


Microgrids & Storage Solutions

A microgrid is a small-scale electrical grid with its own power system that can operate separately from the electric grid or alongside it.

Battery Energy Storage Systems can be charged to supply backup power on cloudy days or provide power during the nighttime for clients who are looking for a 100% renewable energy source


Agrivoltaics & Solar Greenhouses

Agri PV or Agrivoltaics consists of integrating PV modules above the crops in order to enhance climate resilience and allow sustainable food and energy production on one single piece of land. There are three basic types of agrivoltaics that are being actively researched: solar arrays with space between for crops, stilted solar arrays above crops, and greenhouse solar arrays. 

Our team has installed foldable panels at multiple sites across the Kingdom, integrating the new technology with world class monitoring systems that include a host of new sensor technologies. Check out this project in collaboration with KAUST for reference. 


Temporary and Mobile Solutions

Remote solar systems are a reliable solution that can be easily deployed and relocated to different locations. They are mostly a plug and play, solar hybrid solution that deliver renewable energy and helps in reducing fuel consumption. 

This solution is best deployed at temporary entertainment and sports events and remote sites. 


Carports & Canopies

Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy installations that stretch out over car parking spaces.

The canopy roof area is slightly tilted and offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted.

This is an emerging trend transforming the one-dimensional carport that is simply used for shading into a valuable investment that generates electricity by covering an existing area of the facility by canopies. 

Canopies can be designed to shade parking lots, rooftops, etc.


EV Charging

Electric vehicles need multiple charging stations in different locations and using solar panels to power these stations is the easiest way to deploy them around the country and is considered the most economical solution. 

When the station is not being used to charge the EVs it could be used to power nearby buildings.